Industrial Relations & Employment Obligations (IRE) effective 1 July 2011

Before contractors (including project managers, head contractors, sub-contractors and trade contractors) will be permitted to tender for building work or be engaged to perform building work on any ACT Government site, they will be required to hold a current Industrial Relations and Employment Certificate (IRE Certificate). Contractors must maintain a current IRE Certificate while they are engaged on an ACT Government site.

How do I apply for an IRE certificate?  Details on how to apply for an IRE Certificate are outlined in the 'How to Apply - Information Sheet for Contractors' listed below under Information Sheets.

Why do I need an IRE Certificate?
The ACT Government has introduced a range of initiatives to ensure industrial relations and employment compliance best practice is part of the culture of the construction industry in the ACT. The initiatives are a part of the ACT Government's Compliance with Industrial Relations and Employment Obligations Strategy

How do I lodge my IRE Certificate?
Click on here to lodge your IRE Certificate

IRE STRATEGY Format: Size: 
IRE StrategyPDF  360kb
Protocol Review Not to or revoke IRE Certificate v1 Updated 30 November 2012Word      23kb
List IRE Compliant Contractors (A-G) v1.2 Updated 13 January 2017PDF 536kb
List IRE Compliant Contractors (H-M) v1.2 Updated 13 January 2017PDF 307kb
List IRE Compliant Contractors (N-S) v1.2 Updated 13 January 2017PDF 338kb
List IRE Compliant Contractors (T-Z) v1.2 Updated 13 January 2017PDF242kb
IRE Auditor Report v7 Updated January 2015Word      35kb
Application to Register as an IRE Auditor v2 Updated 06 October 2011Word      38kb
List of Registered IRE Auditors v12.1 Updated 7 December 2016PDF194kb
Information Sheet for Contractors v3.2 Updated May 2013PDF    410kb
Information Sheet for Approved AuditorsPDF   272kb
IRE Project Audit Form Information SheetPDF    440kb
IRE Application for IRE Certificate 2013 Updated July 2013Word      49kb
IRE Renewal Application for an IRE Certificate Updated July 2013Word      78kb
IRE Project Audit Form v3 Updated 12 July 2013Word      84kb
IRE Project Audit Report (to be developed in conjunction with Procurement & Capital Works & Auditors)Word     52kb