Procurement-related policies

Procurement and Capital Works is responsible for the administration of the Government Procurement Act 2001 (Act) and its subordinate legislation, such as the Government Procurement Regulation 2007 (Regulation). Section 22A of the Act requires the Territory to pursue value for money when undertaking any procurement, with regard given to:

  • probity and ethical behaviour;
  • management of risk;
  • open and effective competition;
  • optimising whole of life costs; and
  • anything else prescribed by regulation.

The Regulation prescribes:

  • thresholds at which a Territory entity must seek three written quotations or publicly tender;
  • criteria for a procurement to be reviewed by the Government Procurement Board;
  • thresholds for publication of notifiable contracts, amendments and invoices; and
  • criteria for keeping information confidential.

Policies and strategies in place that relate to procurement include:

Procurement Circulars have been developed to provide guidance to ACT Government officers who are undertaking a procurement.