Social Procurement

The ACT Government uses social procurement to assist to achieve broader government objectives such as building strong communities, by generating employment opportunities and promoting social inclusion.

A social procurement identifies intended social impacts or outcomes as an integral part of developing the procurement scope and objectives. As with all procurement, social procurement is designed to achieve value for money and is undertaken in accordance with the Territory's procurement framework.

Social procurement can be undertaken in a number of ways: through engaging "mainstream" suppliers who will include social benefits as part of delivering goods and services; or, by engaging with social enterprises* that support persons suffering disadvantage or isolation.

The ACT Government has established a social enterprises panel to supply a range of services to government.

*Social enterprises deliver targeted social or community benefits using traditional business principles. They may be for-profit or not-for-profit organisations but they seek both a financial and a social return on investment. Any profits are often reinvested into the enterprise or into other socially beneficial activities.

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