Canberra Region LIPP

The Canberra Region Local Industry Participation Policy (LIPP) applies to all approaches to market by Territory entities as implemented from 1 January 2017.

Territory entities must consider local capability and economic benefits for the Canberra Region  when determining the best available procurement outcome.

LIPP requirements will be stated at the initial invitation stage of a procurement process for procurements $200,000 or above (GST inclusive).

Businesses responding to a Territory entity procurement of $200,000 or more and less than $5 million (GST inclusive) will be required to complete an Economic Contribution Test (ECT).

For procurements $5 million and above (GST inclusive) respondents will be required to submit a Local Industry Participation (LIP) plan. The successful bidder will also be required to report on their IP plan outcomes as part of the contract terms.

Note: Following the introduction of the Secure Local Jobs Code (Code) businesses who tender for construction, cleaning, security or traffic management work will need to meet workplace standards in the Code and have a Code Certificate.

Businesses must in addition to LIPP requirements, complete and submit the relevant Labour Relations, Training and Workplace Equity (LRTWE) plan for work valued over $25,000. If your business falls under the Code, the templates which include the LIP and ECT template can be found at: Secure Local Jobs Resources

Below are the templates the ECT and LIP.  These templates are subject to the value of the procurement, to be used when the nature of the procurement does not require respondents to have a Code Certificate.

Goods and Services (non-construction related)
For goods and services (non-construction related work) templates are issued as part of the documentation package in the approach to market.

Document Name: Type:Size:
CBR Region Local Industry Participation Plan (LIPP) ECT ($200k-$5m) PDF 153kb
CBR Region Local Industry Participation Plan (LIPP) IP Plan ($5m-) PDF155kb

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