Contract Number:H1528071
Contract Title:Thermo 5014I Beta Attenuation PM-2.5 Monitor
Brief Description of Contract:Thermo 5014I Beta Attenuation PM-2.5 Monitor
Panel Contract:No
Panel Contract Number:
Panel Total Amount:  (This is an estimated value of all contracts forming part of this panel, not of this contract alone).
Whole of Govt Contract:No
Tender Number:
Procurement Methodology:Single Select
Social Procurement:0002
Procurement Type:Goods
Exemption from Quotation and
Tender Threshold requirements:
Reason for Exemption:Only one suitable supplier
Contractor Name:Lear Siegler Australasia Pty Ltd
ABN:36 009 046 376
Contract Amount:$29,715.40  (Total value of this particular contract only).
Execution Date:02/03/2015 (Contract Execution date may differ from contract commencement date).
Expiry Date:02/03/2016
Confidential Text:No
To obtain a hard copy of the public text of the contract please contract this Directorate / Agency: Health Directorate
Directorate / Public Authority / Territory Owned Corporation:Health Directorate
Was Pre-qualification requested in selection documentation?:No
Department / Agency Name:
Prior to 23 May 2011


25 Mar 2015 - H1528071_PO.pdf