Infrastructure & Capital Works Circulars

Suppliers to Government
Please be advised that, from 1 July 2015, the ACT Government will be publishing relevant information about invoices it has paid for goods, services or works it has received. Invoices with a value of $25,000 or more will be known as Notifiable Invoices and information about the invoices will be published on the Notifiable Invoices Register. This Register will be located on the procurement website and updated monthly. More information on Notifiable Invoices is available from ACT Government Notifiable Invoices Register
File Name:  Format: Size:
Consultant Circular No 03 - Contractor Payment Processes PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 05 - Contract Performance Bonds  PDF 31kb
Consultant Circular No 07 - Design Standards for Urban Services Infrastructure and Standard Specification for Urban Infrastructure Works PDF 31kb
Consultant Circular No 08 - Replacement of Concrete Streetlight Poles PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 09 - Addition to the Basic Brief PDF 37kb
Consultant Circular No 12 - Adjustment of Basic Brief PDF 30kb
Consultant Circular No 13 - Provision of AS2124 Tender Documents  PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 15 - Issuing of Addenda to Requests for Tender PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 17 - Public Access to Contract Text PDF 38kb
Consultant Circular No 19 - Project Management Manual Update PDF 45kb
Consultant Circular No 20 - Removal of Single Trade Category (CST) from the ACT Government Prequalification Scheme and Guideline for Production of Tenders and Contracts for Construction Projects using AS2124-1992 General Conditions of Contract PDF 172kb
Consultant Circular No 21 - Removal of Local Travel as a Direct Reimbursable PDF 58kb
Consultant Circular No 22 - Compliance with Industrial Relations Obligations  PDF 17kb
Consultant Circular No 23v1 - Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2009 (ACT)  PDF 129kb
Consultant Circular No 24 - Compliance with Industrial Relations and Employment Obligations Strategy for ACT Government Capital Works Projects PDF 4189kb
Consultant Circular No 25 - Code of Tendering v1 PDF 274kb
Consultant Circular No 26 - Work Health and Safety v1 PDF 464kb
Consultant Circular No 27 - Recent amendments to ACT Government Guidelines for the use of AS2124 PDF 121kb
Consultant Circular No 28 - Recent amendments to ACT Government Guidelines for the use of AS2124  PDF 485kb
Consultant Circular No 29 - Recent amendments to ACT Government Guidelines for the use of AS2124 and other construction contract templates including WHS PDF  86kb
Consultant Circular No 30 - Change in Territory Pre-qualification Financial Levels PDF  63kb
Consultant Circular No 31 - From 1 July 2015 Tenders ACT will be the primary source of advertising and closing of all forms of tender responsesPDF 174kb

Consultant Circular No 32 - Recent amendments to the ACT Government guidelines for the use of AS2124