Infrastructure & Capital Works Circulars

File Name:  Format: Size:
Consultant Circular No 03 - Contractor Payment Processes PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 05 - Contract Performance Bonds  PDF 31kb
Consultant Circular No 07 - Design Standards for Urban Services Infrastructure and Standard Specification for Urban Infrastructure Works PDF 31kb
Consultant Circular No 08 - Replacement of Concrete Streetlight Poles PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 09 - Addition to the Basic Brief PDF 37kb
Consultant Circular No 12 - Adjustment of Basic Brief PDF 30kb
Consultant Circular No 13 - Provision of AS2124 Tender Documents  PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 15 - Issuing of Addenda to Requests for Tender PDF 29kb
Consultant Circular No 17 - Public Access to Contract Text PDF 38kb
Consultant Circular No 19 - Project Management Manual Update PDF 45kb
Consultant Circular No 20 - Removal of Single Trade Category (CST) from the ACT Government Prequalification Scheme and Guideline for Production of Tenders and Contracts for Construction Projects using AS2124-1992 General Conditions of Contract PDF 172kb
Consultant Circular No 21 - Removal of Local Travel as a Direct Reimbursable PDF 58kb
Consultant Circular No 22 - Compliance with Industrial Relations Obligations  PDF 17kb
Consultant Circular No 23v1 - Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2009 (ACT)  PDF 129kb
Consultant Circular No 24 - Compliance with Industrial Relations and Employment Obligations Strategy for ACT Government Capital Works Projects PDF 4189kb
Consultant Circular No 25 - Code of Tendering v1 PDF 274kb
Consultant Circular No 26 - Work Health and Safety v1 PDF 464kb
Consultant Circular No 27 - Recent amendments to ACT Government Guidelines for the use of AS2124 PDF 121kb
Consultant Circular No 28 - Recent amendments to ACT Government Guidelines for the use of AS2124  PDF 485kb
Consultant Circular No 29 - Recent amendments to ACT Government Guidelines for the use of AS2124 and other construction contract templates including WHS PDF  86kb
Consultant Circular No 30 - Change in Territory Pre-qualification Financial Levels PDF  63kb
Consultant Circular No 31 - From1 July 2015 Tenders ACT will be theprimary source of advertising and closing of all forms of tender responsesPDF 174kb

Consultant Circular No 32 - Recent amendments to the ACT Government guidelines for the use of AS2124