Prequalification FAQ's

Why should I become prequalified? The main objectives are for implementation of good risk management, promotion of environmentally sustainable practices and provide industry development opportunities.  Prequalification is the first stage of the tender process.  The Territory intention is to only deal with prequalified suppliers where practical, and hence prequalification provides potential access to tender opportunities which are not available to suppliers who are not prequalified.

How do I become prequalified?The applications form/s are available on the Prequalification documents or you can contact the Prequalification Registrar on +61 2 6207 7154.  Please note that 2nd or 3rd party certification of QA, OHS and Environmental Managements systems are required.

What is the difference between Contractors and Consultants in construction project?Contractors are prequalified by work type (residential, building, civil road and bridge and landscape). To reduce the financial risk to the Territory from construction contractors, contractors are required to undertake a financial assessment as part of their prequalification assessment.  The thresholds & categories can be found at: ACT Government Prequalification Threshold Codes for Contractors   Consultants (Consultants and Project Managers) are required to under take a financial viability assessment, however, there is no financial limit placed on them.

How long is Prequalification valid?12 months.  The Prequalification Registrar will notify you in writing when your prequalification status is nearing completion and due for renewal.

Does prequalification mean I will be guaranteed work?No.  Prequalification is not a guarantee of work.  Prequalification shows you are capable of performing the work in the category and price range indicated.

I'm prequalified in another state.  Does that mean I'm automatically prequalified in the ACT?Those contractors who hold certification under the two National Prequalification Schemes, Civil Road and Bridge and Non Residential Building with other jurisdictions may apply for mutual recognition with the Territory.  For Territory specific prequalification categories it is noted that all jurisdictions have variations in the practical application of each Scheme, all have been set up to address the same principles and objectives.  In the interest of reducing administrative costs to industry and duplication of effort within government the ACT will recognise other States prequalification Schemes.

The possession of another jurisdiction prequalification certification will not, of itself, be sufficient to be prequalified in the ACT.  Firms will be asked to provide the application information and certificate associated with interstate prequalification.

Procurement and Capital Works will moderate the information, in terms of thresholds and category, to the ACT system and conduct the necessary checks, where applicable, including consultation with unions.  Once the modification and associated checks have been conducted successfully ACT prequalification can be awarded.

In relation to Occupational Health and Safety (or) Work Health Safety, the ACT Government is also prepared to accept Accreditation with the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Scheme.

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