Registration scheme - small architectural / landscape

The registration scheme's intent is to enable small architectural & landscape architectural firms to quote for design work with a fee value up to $25,000, associated with projects undertaken by the Territory. It provides an alternative to the prequalification system which is required for design services for ACT Government projects.

Suppliers to Government
Please be advised that, from 1 July 2015, the ACT Government will be publishing relevant information about invoices it has paid for goods, services or works it has received. Invoices with a value of $25,000 or more will be known as Notifiable Invoices and information about the invoices will be published on the Notifiable Invoices Register. This Register will be located on the procurement website and updated monthly.
More information on Notifiable Invoices is available from ACT Government Notifiable Invoices Register
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Registration Application Small Landscape Architects v5 updated December 2017PDF179kb
Registration Application Small Architects v5 updated Dec 2017PDF176kb
Small Architects Version 9 of 1 September 2018PDF178 kb
Small Landscape Architectural Firms Version 9 of 1 September 2018PDF197 kb

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