The Board is comprised of nine members: five are ACT government employees (including the chair and deputy chair) and four are non-government employee members. Members are appointed by the Treasurer and are selected because of their experience in procurement from the government and/or industry perspective.

Current Board members are:

Ms Meredith Whitten (Chair and public employee member)
Meredith is an ACT public service employee for over 25 years, including executive roles in the ACT Education Directorate and ACT Community Services Directorate. Ms Whitten’s experience includes, project governance and risk, strategic analysis and public policy development at inter-governmental, whole of government and Directorate levels. Within the ACT Education Directorate, she leads the enabling functions of the Directorate including: Strategic Finance, People and Performance, Infrastructure and Capital Works and Planning and Analytics teams.

Louise Gilding (Deputy Chair)
Ms Gilding is an ACT public service employee with extensive public policy experience.  Over the last 20 years, Ms Gilding has worked on diverse range of policy issues including crafting strategic economic change and law reform in work health and safety. Ms Gilding currently leads the delivery of public housing and homelessness services within the ACT.

Damon Hall (Public Employee Member)

Mr Hall is an ACT public service employee with extensive experience within both the private and public sectors in the evaluation and delivery of projects, monitoring the performance of Government business enterprises and budget management. This includes as a Director in the Infrastructure Finance and Advisory Division of ACT Treasury.  Mr Hall previously worked as a Director within the Public Private Partnership Branch of the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Dominic Lane (Public Employee Member)
Mr Lane has 20 years’ experience in the public sector; he is currently the Commissioner of the ACT Emergency Services Agency, Justice and Community Safety Directorate. Mr Lane has strong experience in, and deep understanding of, setting strategic direction, people management, community service delivery and governance. Within JACS, Mr Lane has led the Directorate to complete major capital works and upgrades to ICT for the emergency services.

Fleur Flanery (Public Employee Member)
Ms Flanery is the Acting Executive Director with the Planning Policy Division within the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate. Ms Flanery brings with her extensive experience from the Commonwealth, local and non-government sectors, and a deep understanding of setting the strategic direction, governance and community service delivery for land development.

Mr Stephen Goggs (non-public employee member )
Mr Goggs was formerly Deputy Director-General, Strategy and Corporate in the Health Directorate, and served as deputy chair of the Board. Mr Goggs has over ten years experience as a senior executive in a range of positions in the ACT and Commonwealth Governments, including in the customs, taxation and justice sectors. Mr Goggs has also worked in private legal practice. Mr Goggs was appointed as a non-public employee member in September 2015.

Ms Virginia Shaw (non-public employee member)
Ms Shaw has extensive experience across the public and private sectors. She has had senior management roles with responsibility for capital works and program delivery, including implementing ICT systems, in an Australian Government department, and has provided strategic advice for complex government procurements as a former director of the ACT Cemeteries Authority. Ms Shaw was appointed as a non-public employee member in September 2015.

Mr Richard Bear (non-public employee member)
Mr Bear has senior executive experience in financial management, Commonwealth Government tendering and contract management. Mr Bear is a Board Member CHC Affordable Housing & Crace Developments P/L and has prior Senior Management positions with Department of Veterans' Affairs, Child Support Agency and Defence Housing Australia. Mr Bear was appointed to the Board in May 2013.

Mr Roger Broughton (non-public employee member)
Mr Broughton has extensive experience in financial and economic analysis, risk management and procurement and contract management. As a former ACT Government public servant, he has a high level of expertise in government processes and the delivery of government policy. He has served on numerous intergovernmental committees, including the Goods and Services Tax Administrative Sub-committee. Mr Broughton was appointed to the Board in May 2013.