The ACT Government uses independent approved auditors to assess whether businesses meet Secure Local Jobs requirements and can apply for a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate. Auditors guide businesses through the assessment process and facilitate the application process with the Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar.

Approved auditors

Certificate NumberNameBusinessExpiry DateWebsitePhoneConditions
0001Anne McGregorContractor Compliance Australia30/06/ 795 055 
0002Bronwyn DawsonGAP Resource Management30/06/ 6282 7771 
0003Caitlin MeersSneddon Hall & Gallop30/06/ 6285 8008 
0004Claire CartonGriffin Legal30/06/ 6198 3100 
0005Deb NorthoverNorthover Consulting30/06/ 605 051 
0006Douglas GriersonGAP Resource Management30/06/ 6282 7771 
0007John LittleCanberra Assurance Specialists30/06/ 489 783 
0008John MihailarosPKF30/06/ 6257 7500 
0009John WilsonBradley Allen Love Lawyers30/06/ 6274 0842 
0010Lyle BeatonIRIQ30/06/ 3077 6767 
0011Melissa HayACT Compliance30/06/2019actcompliance@bigpond.com0417 293 368 
0012Peter McGrathGriffin Legal30/06/ 6198 3100 
0013Phillip MillerVincents30/06/ 6274 3420 
0014Renessa GrayCanberra Business Chamber30/06/2019renessa.gray@canberrabusiness.com02 6247 4199 
0015Sam Ryan-BakerGriffin Legal30/06/ 6198 3116 
0016Simo JaatinenJAPL Pty Ltd30/06/ 961 873 
0017Theresa MoltoniIRIQ30/06/ 3077 6767 
0018Vincent BallConstruction Industry Training Council30/06/ 6273 0326 
0019Rowena HandBR Hand Pty Ltd30/06/ 622 442 
0020Graham CoyleConstruction Outcomes09/01/ 498 893only to audit businesses with 20 or less employees
0021Lucia DarmanMoneywise Accounting11/02/ 498 893 
0022Nathan DascarolisEBS Canberra11/02/ 201 088 
0023Emily ShoemarkSneddon Hall & Gallop12/03/ 6285 8091 
0026India AndersonGAP Resource Management16/03/ 6282 7771 

Apply to be an approved auditor

The Registrar approves auditors based on their qualifications and experience in conducting audits and compliance checks. The Secure Local Jobs Audit Guidelines outlines the process for becoming an approved auditor and how audits are conducted.

To apply, complete the Secure Local Jobs Code Approved Auditor Application .


If you’re an approved auditor, you can access guidelines and templates in Resources.


For further queries about the Secure Local Jobs Code contact Secure Local Jobs.