Apply for a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate

You need to engage an approved auditor to assess whether your business meets Secure Local Jobs requirements and can apply for a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate. Your auditor will guide you through the assessment process, including what information you need to provide. They will facilitate your application with the Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar once the assessment is complete.

Before you apply

  1. Download and read the Code.
  2. Review and update your workplace systems and policies to reflect your requirements under the Code.
  3. Engage an approved auditor to assess whether your business meets Secure Local Jobs requirements.
  4. Collect information that your auditor will need to start their assessment, including:
    1. Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate Application
    2. Business or Instalment Activity Statements, and ATO Business Portal activity (past 24 months)
    3. Evidence of superannuation scheme payments (past 24 months)
    4. ACT Long Service Leave Authority Certificate of Currency (if applicable)
    5. Workers compensation insurance Certificate of Currency
    6. Public liability insurance Certificate of Currency
    7. ACT Payroll Tax returns (past 24 months, if applicable)
    8. Enterprise Agreement or Modern Award.
  1. Tell your auditor if your business is tendering or performing work that requires compliance with Commonwealth law. Request an exemption as part of your application if required.


Your auditor will review the information you have provided and assess whether your business meets Secure Local Jobs requirements. Your auditor will then submit your application and their assessment to the Registrar for consideration.

The Registrar will confirm whether your business is compliant and issue a Code Certificate on behalf of the ACT Government. Any conditions or exemptions will be listed on the Code Certificate. A Certificate can be valid for up to 30 months.

Time to apply

The time it takes for your auditor to complete an assessment depends on your business size and structure, your preparation for the assessment, and your auditor’s availability.  The Registrar can issue a Code Certificate within two business days after receiving a complete and compliant application from your auditor.


You can apply to the Registrar for an exemption from parts of the Code if complying means your business wouldn’t comply with Commonwealth law.

You will need to apply for an exemption through your auditor as a new Code Certificate may need to be issued. If you haven’t been granted an exemption, you must comply with the Code. Breaches of the Code can lead to suspension or cancellation of your Code Certificate or conditions may be added to it.


For further queries about the Secure Local Jobs Code contact Secure Local Jobs.