The Secure Local Jobs Registrar is responsible for monitoring compliance and investigating complaints and noncompliance. Anyone who believes on reasonable grounds that you’re not complying with the Code can make a written complaint to the Registrar.

The Registrar will determine how the complaint will be actioned. This may include working with you to rectify alleged noncompliance, conducting an investigation, or requesting an audit. You will have the opportunity to respond to the complaint if the Registrar decides to investigate. If the complaint relates to alleged noncompliance with other legislation, the Registrar can refer the complaint to the relevant Regulatory Authority.

Consequences of non compliance

Breaches of the Code can lead to suspension or cancellation of your Code Certificate or conditions may be added to it. For example, you may not be able to apply for a Code Certificate for 12 months. The Registrar can also impose infringement points for noncompliance. If you accumulate 100 infringement points over two years, your Code Certificate can be suspended or cancelled. The Secure Local Jobs Code Complaints and Noncompliance Investigation Guidelines has more information on the complaints process and consequences of noncompliance.

Advisory Council

The Secure Local Jobs Code Advisory Council advises the Minister on the operations of the Secure Local Jobs Code. The Minister appoints the members. They include the Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar (non-voting), members who represent the interests of employees, and members whose qualifications or experience support the council exercise its functions.


Meredith Whitten - Deputy Director General, Workforce Capability and Governance; Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Meredith has 30 years’ experience in government program management, public policy and governance across directorates. Meredith has led major reforms, such as transitioning Disability ACT and Therapy ACT to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar

Andrew Parkinson - Registrar, Workforce Capability and Governance; Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

The Registrar is responsible for implementing the Code on behalf of the ACT Government and is a non-voting member of the Council. Andrew has extensive experience in commercial and civil infrastructure in the private and public sectors. He’s led major infrastructure and capital works projects for the ACT Government. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Sydney and a Master of Business Administration from La Trobe University.

Other members

Dr Michael Schaper - CEO, Canberra Business Chamber

Dr Schaper has a long track record in working, advising and advocating for business in the capital region and at the national level. From 2008-18 he held the role of executive Deputy Chairman at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with responsibility for small business, franchising, and industry and professional associations. Dr Schaper served as the ACT’s inaugural Small Business Commissioner. He has worked extensively in the university sector in leadership roles focused on business and entrepreneurship development. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, an honorary fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants, and an adjunct professor at Western Sydney and Curtin universities.

Alex White - Secretary, UnionsACT

Alex is the Secretary of UnionsACT which is the largest employee representative organisation in the ACT. He has deep experience in public policy development and advocacy and has worked for several unions, charities, and private organisations. He has served on the boards of both national and local NGOs. Alex holds a Masters in Public Policy and Management from the University of Melbourne.

Menka Zarzour - State Operation Manager, Millennium Services Group

Menka is a cleaning services industry professional with more than 25 years’ experience. Menka manages teams across a portfolio of retail and commercial clients with current responsibility for Westfield Woden and Belconnen, the QIC Canberra Centre, Tuggeranong South.Point, commercial office buildings for ISPT, and a range of Federal and ACT government sites.

Lyndal Ryan - ACT Branch Secretary, United Workers Union

Lyndal has over 28 years’ experience representing the interests of employees, and is the former President of UnionsACT.  Lyndal helped develop the Agreed Memorandum of Understanding on Procurement of Works and Services with UnionsACT. She led the development of the ACT Code of Best Employment Practices for the Cleaning Industry, and the Clean Start – a Fair Deal for Cleaners Campaign. Lyndal has been a member of multiple government committees including the Commonwealth Government Procurement Consultative Committee, ACT Ministerial Advisory Council for Women, and ACT Long Service Leave Board.

Zac Smith - Assistant Secretary, CFMEU

Zac is Assistant Secretary of the ACT Branch of CFMEU. He has experience in representing the interests of employees within the CFMEU ACT Branch.


If you need support, contact the Secure Local Jobs team.