Medical Services Scheme

The Medical Services Scheme has been established to pre-qualify organisations via an application process for the provision of Medical Services to the Territory as a Whole of Government Panel Deed.

The objectives of the Scheme are to:

  1. appoint Suppliers who demonstrate their quality assurance process to deliver value for money services for the Territory,
  2. minimise total costs to the Territory by enabling competitive practices for sourcing,
  3. enable usage and spend trend reporting to inform future strategic direction, and
  4. allow specific needs within these service categories to be met in an efficient manner.

The Medical Services Scheme (scheme number 31022) qualifies organisations who have capacity to deliver the following medical services:

  • flu vaccinations,
  • medical assessments (fitness for duty, pre-employment), and
  • general assessments (auditory, chemical exposure, occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy).

The scheme is open for an initial three year term until the common expiry date of 30 June 2023, with suppliers able to apply to join the scheme at any time by submitting an application through Tenders ACT.

How to apply

New suppliers can apply at any time by completing the steps outline below. An application package is also available for download from Tenders ACT.

Updating/maintaining information

The Panel Management Portal is the Territory’s procurement sourcing system that is used to seek and receive RFx responses and notify suppliers of outcomes.This system is maintained by Procurement ACT and monitored for user and supplier activity. Suppliers are required to maintain their organisation information and ensure that requests are responded to within the Panel Management Portal.

Suppliers who do not maintain expired insurances will not be able to participate in any RFx process.

Templates and resources FAQs



Can organisations apply for the scheme at any time?

Yes, applications are open for the life of the scheme. The scheme conditions provide details of the assessment and notification periods.

How many suppliers are on the scheme?

The scheme is not restricted or capped for any number or providers.

As a supplier appointed on the scheme are we guaranteed any work?

No. Territory users are encouraged to seek quotations from the scheme suppliers.

Is a complete list of suppliers appointed to scheme available?

Yes, the list of suppliers will be available once the application process is complete.

As an organisation, do we need to have a Local Jobs Code Certification to be eligible for the scheme?

At this stage, medical services is not impacted by Secure Local Jobs Code.

Further details relating to this legislation can be found via the Secure Local Jobs page.

Can we vary the Deed of Agreement?

No. The terms and conditions are standard and apply to all suppliers of the scheme.

When will our organisation be notified of our application outcome?

Notification occurs approximately one month following the assessment period as detailed in the Scheme Conditions. Suppliers will receive an email from the Scheme Manager.

If our organisation is not successful, can we reapply?

Yes, however it would be beneficial to obtain feedback then reapply with a modified application.

How do I get a log in to the Panel Management Portal?

After execution of the contract documentation the Scheme Manager will arrange access and provide support for the Panel Management Portal.

How do I use the Panel Management Portal, is there training?

Video tutorials are available via the Panel Management Portal. Training and support will be provided by the Scheme Manager.

How will Territory users know what services my organisation can deliver?

Suppliers will be appointed to the panel to deliver services they nominate for. As part of the Panel Management Portal establishment process, suppliers are to create a landing page describing the services offered and promoting their organisation.

Can we respond to part of an RFx if our service offering does not meet all of the requirements?

Where the Territory user has created and RFx for multiple services, only suppliers who deliver all of those services will be invited to participate.

Supplier list Contact

For more information contact or phone 6205 9797.