Notifiable Invoices Register

In accordance with the Government Procurement Act 2001, from 1 July 2015, the Government is publishing relevant information about its notifiable invoices. The requirement is consistent with Open Government and applies to all Territory entities. The Notifiable Invoices Register, in conjunction with the ACT Government Contracts Register provides transparency about government purchasing to the community.

A notifiable invoice is valued at $25,000 or more and relates to goods, services or works provided to the Territory.

Relevant information about a notifiable invoice is required to be published within 21 days after the end of the month in which an invoice is paid. Invoices paid during July 2015 were the first notifiable invoices to be published. Information about each month's invoices is below:

For notifiable invoices paid after 31st December 2019 please refer to the Notifiable Invoice Register on the Open Data Portal by clicking on this Link

AugustAugustAugustAugustAugust , August Addendum
OctoberOctober OctoberOctoberOctober
NovemberNovember, November AddendumNovemberNovemberNovember
Open Data PortalJanuaryJanuaryJanuaryJanuary
 February FebruaryFebruaryFebruary
 March MarchMarchMarch
 MayMayMay May

The Government Procurement Act 2001External Link (the Act) prescribes the requirements for notifying contracts and invoices. The Notifiable Invoices provisions of the Act can currently be found in the Government Procurement (Transparency in Spending) Amendment Act 2015.External Link

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Notifiable Invoice?
The ACT Government pays on invoices for a broad range of goods, services and works provided to the Territory by numerous suppliers.  An invoice is defined as a notifiable invoice if the value payable by the Territory is $25,000 or more.  However, invoices that are generated internal to Government (for example, where the Government Solicitor invoices a directorate for legal advice provided or a directorate is invoiced for the installation of a new software system by the Government's ICT business unit) are excluded.  An invoice may also be prescribed by regulation to be excluded from the definition of a notifiable invoice.

What information about Notifiable Invoices will be published?

The information about a Notifiable Invoice that will be published is:

- the name of the entity invoicing the Territory (i.e. the supplier);
- if the entity invoicing the Territory has an ABN - the ABN;
- the name of the responsible Territory entity for the invoice;
- a brief description of what the invoice is for;
- the date the invoice was received (Note: The Territory has commenced publishing date invoice received from 1 July 2017);
- the date the invoice was paid;
-the value of the good, service or work charged for under the invoice; and
- anything else prescribed by regulation.

How will the information about Notifiable Invoices be published?
The information about a Notifiable Invoice will be published on a monthly basis on the procurement website as a downloadable document.

Will I be advised that my invoices are going to be published?
The requirement to notify invoices is part of the standard terms and conditions for any Territory contract from 1 July 2015.

For the convenience of suppliers, the procurement website and Tenders ACT will be used to broadcast any future advice about the Notifiable Invoices Register.

Why has the Government decided to publish notifiable invoices?
The publication of relevant information about notifiable invoices is consistent with Open Government and is designed to provide greater transparency about what the Government is spending money on, as well as the Government's performance in paying these invoices, to the community.

What if I don't want my information to be published?
The requirement to notify invoices is set by the Government Procurement Act 2001 which is available from the ACT Legislation Register.External Link

The Government is making every effort to ensure no confidential information is published as part of this new process. However, if you have any concerns about how the notification of invoices may affect you or your business you are welcome to raise these concerns in writing. This can be done by contacting the Tenders ACT Team, Telephone: +61 2 6207 7377 or Email:

Will notifiable contracts still be published?
Yes, notifiable contracts will continue to be published on the ACT Government Contracts Register. Together, the Notifiable Invoices Register and the ACT Government Contracts Register provide transparency of the Government's purchasing arrangements.