Government Procurement Board

About the Government Procurement Board

The Government Procurement Board was established in 2001 under the Government Procurement Regulation 2007 and the Government Procurement Act 2001 (Act) which prescribes the Board's functions and responsibilities. The Board reviews and advises ACT Government entities, Directors General and Ministers on procurement issues and practices in the Territory, and reviews procurement proposals in accordance with the Regulation.

The Government Procurement Board generally meet each Tuesday to consider procurement proposals and other business, as required. To contact the board email: or phone +61 2 6207 0254.


The Board is comprised of nine members: five are ACT Government employees (including the chair and deputy chair) and four are non-government employee members. Members are appointed by the Minister for Government Services and Procurement and are selected because of their experience in procurement from the government and/or industry perspective.

The current members are:

Bettina Konti (Chair)
Bettina joined the ranks of ACT government as Chief Digital Officer in May 2018.   A member of the Strategic Board, she is responsible for driving the whole of ACT government digital, data and technology strategy direction. Her priorities include achieving the ACT’s digital strategy objectives, and ensuring ACT government and its services are focussed around the needs of people, including business and community groups, as well as the ACT government’s workforce. Bettina is an experienced senior executive, digital strategist, program manager and CIO.
She is an advocate for human centred and applied design techniques.  She has extensive experience in leading large complex programs to achieve transformational change.

Louise Gilding (Deputy Chair)
Ms Gilding is an ACT public service employee with extensive public policy experience. Over the last 20 years, Ms Gilding has worked on diverse range of policy issues including crafting strategic economic change and law reform in work health and safety. Ms Gilding currently leads the delivery of public housing and homelessness services within the ACT.

Damon Hall (Public Employee Member)
Mr Hall is an ACT public service employee with extensive experience within both the private and public sectors in the evaluation and delivery of projects, monitoring the performance of Government business enterprises and budget management. This includes as a Executive Group Manager in Major Projects Canberra. Mr Hall previously worked as a Director within the Public Private Partnership Branch of the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Geoffrey Rutledge (Public Employee Member)
Geoffrey Rutledge is the Deputy Director-General, Sustainability and the Built Environment for the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate. Within this diverse portfolio, Geoffrey is responsible for delivering the ACT Government’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, including maintaining 100% renewable electricity into the future.  Over the past 15 years, he has held a number of senior executive roles in the ACT Government portfolios of Chief Ministers, Environment and Planning, Community Services and Education.  During this time he has oversighted major program delivery procurements, particularly in capital works and non-government program delivery.

Jo Wood (Public Employee Member)
Ms Wood is the Director-General of the Community Services Directorate and has experience in managing social procurements.

Suzy Nethercott - Watson (Non-Public Employee Member)
Ms Nethercott-Watson is a highly experienced risk management practitioner who brings extensive experience within Commonwealth government reform, working across disparate sectors and engagement with a wide array of people, including community, non-governmental organisation, ministers and government colleagues.

Susan Hall (Non-Public Employee Member)
Ms Hall is a former ACT public service employee with over 20 years of ACT government experience across a number of roles. Ms Hall has extensive management experience with expertise in governance and corporate services, as well as in social policy, program management, and research and analysis.

Mathew Baldwin (Non-Public Employee Member
Mr Baldwin is a qualified lawyer with over 15 years of Australian and international experience in providing advice on legal/contracting, procurement, probity, and governance matters, primarily working for clients in government and regulated industries. Key areas of industry experience are government, information technology, facilities management, infrastructure and projects, health and pharmaceuticals.

Madeleine Taylor (Non-Public Employee Member)
Mrs Taylor has knowledge and experience across risk management, governance, procurement and project management. She has worked across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors around Australia and internationally. She is a regular speaker at risk and procurement related forums and is currently the Executive Leader of Safety, Risk and Procurement at YMCA NSW.