About procurement in the ACT Government

Procurement is defined in the Government Procurement Act 2001 as the process of acquiring goods, services, works or property by purchase, lease, rental or exchange and disposing of goods, works or property including by sale.

Procurement ACT facilitates the procurement of goods and services, and develops and implements procurement policy on behalf of the ACT Government. Procurement ACT is part of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate.

For information about procurement activities involving construction work please visit Major Projects Canberra.

More information

Government Procurement Board

The Government Procurement Board reviews and provides advice on procurement issues, practices and proposals.

ACT Government buyers

Find information for ACT Government staff who make purchases on behalf of the Territory.

Annual reports

For a copy of recent Government Procurement Board annual reports please view the CMTEDD publications or contact 6207 7377.

Contact us

Find out who to contact and how to get more information about procurement in the ACT Government.

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