Contracts Register

About the Contracts Register

The ACT Government Contracts Register records contracts with suppliers of goods, services and works, with a value of $25,000 or more. Contract amendments are also published if they change the scope or nature of the contract, or if they increase the value of the contract by 10% or $25,000. Contracts awarded prior to 1 July 2016 are available on the previous contracts register.

Contracts which contain confidential text are subject to Clause 35 of the Government Procurement Act 2001. Confidential text which may be removed from the public copy of the contract may include personal information, trade secrets, individual item pricing that have a commercial value, information which may impact on public safety, or text that is subject to a legal contract requiring confidentiality. For more information please refer to the Act.

For more information about the ACT Government Contracts Register please email or phone 02 6205 4301. For information about specific contracts on the register, please contact the relevant directorate or entity.

Work Orders

Work orders are available for searching on the ACT Government Contracts Register, simply input the panel deed number or supplier information to find more information.