Government Procurement Act 2001

The Government Procurement Act 2001 defines procurement as the process of acquiring goods, services, works or property by purchase, lease, rental or exchange – and disposing of goods, works or property including by sale. The Act excludes certain dealings in land and states that Territory entities must pursue value for money in undertaking any procurement activity having regard to probity and ethical behaviour, management of risk, open and effective competition, optimising whole of life costs, and anything else prescribed by regulation.

Government Procurement Regulation 2007

The Government Procurement Regulation 2007 supports the Act and specifies the threshold levels and the minimum number of quotations that must be sought from suppliers at different threshold levels. The Regulation also outlines the role of the Government Procurement Board, requirements to publish notifiable contracts, amendments and invoices and criteria for keeping information confidential.

Secure Local Jobs Code

Suppliers tendering for construction, cleaning, security or traffic management work must have a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate.